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I am a Hudson, NY based photographer. But I also travel and shoot in Russia, India and other places.

I specialize in portrait and wedding photography. I'm passionate about creating gorgeous images of and for you.

I'm very customer oriented and I want to know how you want to be photographed, so I can design your photo session just for you. Do you like sunny and bright? Do you like dark and moody? What are we going for? Those are just some of the questions I'm going to ask you.

I want to take the best photo of you that you've ever seen.

I want to create portraits of your family that you will enjoy through the years and your children will cherish when they grow up. I want to capture your love for each other in a photograph that you will want to put on your wall and see every day.


This is my promise to you- I will take the best photo of you and capture your YOUnique beauty.

Xx Elena​


About me

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