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It was so cool! The photographer, videographer, assistants that were  fixing my dress, the hair and makeup artist that was fixing my hair and makeup. I felt like a queen. And I liked it .. haha


The next day after the photoshoot a friend at work asked me, “Why are you beaming so much? Are you in love?”


I’ve never had such amazing photos of myself. Every time I look at my photographs I get reenergized with that amazing energy I remember from the photoshoot.


I can not believe it, these are the best pictures in my life! I didn’t know that I could come out so good in photos. I have general discomfort and even fear to expose myself, therefore I lost hope that I would be ever satisfied seeing myself in pictures. But after 5-10 min being photographed by Elena I started to relax and even have some fun! For me it was like- Oh My God! I LOVE them!


My husband and I have a tradition of having a photo session every year for our anniversary. This time around we trusted Elena to capture US. She did great job! She was very professional during the whole process from the first consultation until the end. She gave her full self and her full attention to the process. I'm a photographer myself and I've learned a lot from this shoot with Elena. It was easy to be in front of her camera. She gave us a lot of directions, posed us all the way, and we felt relaxed throughout the whole time and had SO MUCH FUN! I didn't expect to like many of the photos, because I'm generally very critical of how I look in photos. But I LOVED ALL OF THEM! I was surprised.


That was quite an experience! Our 2.5 y.o. daughter refused to participate in the photo shoot. I thought we were going to have to reschedule. But Elena managed to capture beautiful candid moments of us nevertheless.  And we LOVE these photos! Our friends are all asking, who took these gorgeous portraits of us. We want to do it again next year!

~Svetlana, Arthur and Maria

The Photo Session was wonderful! I  look over the photos again and again. I can't get enough. Elena helped us prepare for it very well. She consulted with us on what to wear, posed us during the shoot. We all felt very prepared and had a lot of fun! Thank you again for this wonderful experience!

~The Lesnikov Family

Elena has been a dear friend of mine for a few years now and in all that time I have admired her talent and creative spirit. She puts her whole heart into whatever she does, including healing, running her own business, and photography. Her photos capture the essence of the individual and enhance their natural beauty, so when she offered to do a photoshoot with me, I couldn’t have been more excited! I’ve never been fully comfortable in front of the camera, but Elena exudes experience and grace as a photographer and has an effortless way of making you feel natural and comfortable. During the photo shoot, we spent the day finding secluded spots in nature to capture photos and concluded at a horse farm! Here, I was able to take the most beautiful and mesmerizing photos alongside horses. When she sent me the final edited photos, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had no idea that I could look like that! She made me feel beautiful and confidant in front of the camera, something everyone should feel when they have their photo taken! If I could, I’d take Elena everywhere with me so she could capture moments in my life and turn them into art. But, a talent like hers is meant to be shared with the world!

Much love,


Elena is not a just a photographer, she is an alchemist. She transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. She has a unique ability to bring the inner beauty of a person outwards and then capture it as an image. I would say that she is a magician, a sorcerer that puts you in a totally different reality while doing a photo shoot. With her powerful energy she puts you into a space where you feel very special, like a king or a queen.

It was also a healing process for me, as I felt that I am worthy of everything best in this world. I felt my power and I felt like a superstar. I felt overflowing energy of beauty and abundance in my life after this magical, creative process of our photo shoot.

And the best thing is that the photos that I've received work every time like an anchor, as a reminder of how powerful and beautiful I really am. It may seem too unbelievable, but the photo shoot with Elena helped me to step into a new life. A life of abundance, where I see myself in a new way, and I really like it.


I have been photographed by other photographers in the past. But my experience during photo shoot with Elena was different, she created this new space, a space in which she creates, and I and the assistants merged into this creative space. Elena gave her whole self to this process of creation: her body, mind and heart, and I entered a beautiful meditative space. This experience has shown me that when one gives oneself fully to the process in which they are a master, miracles can happen, so to speak.


Elena looked deep inside of me with her lens, and reached out with her hand to the real me that was hiding behind many masks. The photo shoot happened in such flow, where we let go of control and gave into the process of creation. Thank you for this valuable experience and bright and fullfilling day!


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